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What Does it Take to Be a Great Removal Professional?

Updated: Feb 27

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What Does it Take to be a Great Removals Company in Sydney?

What sets a moving company in Sydney apart from the competition? On the face of it, all professional removalists have vehicles, personnel and packing materials that allow them to carry out the task of moving a home or office. At T&U, we believe that it comes down to a natural attention to detail and a genuine passion for helping people with the often daunting task of transporting their precious belongings over long distances. In this blog, we discuss what it takes to cement your place as a trusted removals company in Australia.

Certifications And Licences

Let’s start with the basics; a moving company must show all licences that certify them to handle and transport goods. It is also advisable to join the Australia Furniture Removers Association for additional accreditation and to update your knowledge with the latest best practices. An exceptional removals company strives to improve constantly, stay abreast of the latest industry trends and demonstrate its commitment to providing exceptional service.

Wide Range of Removal Services

Although it is important to specialise in certain types of removals, the best way to maximise your customer base is to offer a wide range of services. A full service moving company in Sydney will offer house relocation, office relocation, interstate moving and secure transport services, along with other personalised services based on a customer’s needs.

Attention to Detail

Whether it has to do with the quality of packing materials, skill demonstrated while packing fragile goods, or the ability to anticipate a client’s concerns, attention to detail is everything when it comes to becoming a great removals company. At T&U Removals, we take special care to adopt the latest logistics technologies for shipment tracking, to instill a sense of ownership and accountability in our highly motivated team and to provide solutions to problems that invariably arise in the logistics industry. As a company becomes accustomed to providing quality services, it gains experience and a more intuitive understanding of how to provide more efficient services.


Safety is the name of the game in the removals industry. In order to become a mainstay in the removals industry, a proprietor must demonstrate their commitment to keeping goods, personnel and vehicles safe at all times. This means having a standardised protocol for handling large, heavy items and a robust safety framework for personnel that includes safety belts, gloves, loaders and other equipment that protect them from harm. A customer is more likely to trust professional removalists who take the safety of their staff seriously.

Professional Removalists For Local and Interstate Moves

Are you a moving company in Sydney that wants to compete with the very best? Whether it’s boosting your online presence, offering specialised services or competing on price, there is no substitute for genuine, customised, high-quality services that create strong, lasting bonds with customers. Contact T&U Removals today for industry-leading goods transport services.

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