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Fragile Item Shipping: A Guide for Successful Delivery

Updated: Feb 27

shipping fragile items

A Guide to Shipping Fragile Items Successfully in Sydney

In a world where e-commerce platforms are the preferred method of purchase for everything from glassware to electronics and other fragile goods, business owners must spend sleepless nights wondering whether their customers will receive broken or damaged goods on their doorstep. Despite best efforts and comprehensive insurance coverage, one poor shipment can affect a company’s reputation in an increasingly competitive market. In this blog, T&U Removals offers some expert tips on fragile item shipping in Sydney.

Why Fragile Item Shipping Is Crucial to Business Growth

A broken item on a customer’s doorstep is more than just an inconvenience to them, it can also have a disproportionate negative impact on the business itself. Replacing items is an inefficient process that increases costs and requires time and resources.

With the vast number of e-commerce options out there, a customer can switch to a new business for their products after just one bad experience. Just one broken product is enough to make a customer walk away and leave a bad review. Unfortunately, even excellent customer service, timely replacements and discounts on future purchases are not enough to placate customers who may have been severely inconvenienced by one subpar delivery.

Advice for Shipping Delicate Items

Begin with the Right Box

A common mistake when shipping fragile items is using a box that is too large for the product. Extra space in a large box means that the delicate item is more likely to move around in transit, thereby increasing the risk of damage. At T&U, we take special care to pack fragile goods in a box slightly larger than the item, with plenty of padding stuffed into empty spaces to create a shock absorbing effect.

Use Quality Cushioning Material

Protecting a fragile item is about more than just covering it in bubble wrap. A professional shipping company uses bubble wrap and other cushioning materials in specific ways to suit the shape of an object. At T&U Removals, years of experience in the removals industry has taught us how to wrap unique items in just the right way, regardless of their shape.

Use Foam for Superior Protection

Fragile item shipping experts know that bubble wrap isn’t always enough. For superior protection, companies encase items in foam that can withstand sudden and heavy impact. Ask your service provider about custom foam inserts that are specially designed to fit the shape of items such as musical instruments, vases and more.

Add a “Fragile” Label

While there are some who believe that a “fragile” label is meaningless in the e-commerce world, the truth is that professional shipping handlers consider packages with such labels a priority when it comes to handling. When shipping delicate items, a “handle with care” sticker serves as a visual reminder that the package requires special consideration.

Experts in Shipping Fragile Items in Sydney

Are you an e-commerce business that requires assistance with shipping delicate items? Contact T&U Removals today for trusted Australia-wide shipping services for fragile items such as musical instruments, glassware, electronics and more.

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