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What to Look Out For in an Interstate Moving Company

Updated: Feb 27

moving interstate Australia

What to Look For in an Interstate Moving Company in Sydney

Moving interstate in Australia isn’t just about packing and transporting goods; it is as much about preparing your family for a new beginning, dealing with the anticipation of settling into a new place and going through the list of mundane but unavoidable moving interstate checklist tasks such as changing addresses and more. At a time like this, T&U Removals recommends hiring a quality moving interstate company to help protect and transport your precious belongings.

Reliable Service Provider

Placing your personal belongings in the hands of a moving company is never easy, especially when moving interstate in Australia. Before you hire a moving company, take the time to establish for yourself whether the organisation has a good reputation. The first question to ask is if they have all necessary licences and certifications to handle and transport goods. Moving interstate means that the company must have well-maintained vehicles with experienced drivers who pride themselves in reaching the destination quickly and safely.

T&U Removals always advises customers to read customer reviews and check online ratings to find out about the positive and negative experiences clients have with various companies.

No Hidden Costs

Transparency when it comes to moving costs is especially important during an expensive interstate move. Reputed companies like T&U Removals make it a point to inform customers of all the costs they are likely to incur, with no hidden costs and last minute surprises.

Insurance Coverage

Moving interstate involves dealing with a number of variables that are, at times, outside anyone’s control. Despite their best efforts, even an experienced moving company may encounter a situation that damages customer goods. To prevent damage, protect your assets and give you peace of mind, it is always important to work with a service provider who offers quality insurance coverage for your goods.

Packing Materials and Skill

Speedy transport and state-of-the-art trucks isn’t everything. The key to moving interstate in Australia lies in the attention to detail given to packing techniques and materials. Be sure to ask your interstate moving company about the boxes and tapes they use, how they protect fragile items, and their approach to transporting large items safely.


No matter how advanced a company’s logistics technology may be, the most important element is their personnel and how they interact with customers. At the end of the day, you want a transport company with strong communication skills, friendly staff, a solution-oriented mindset, and the flexibility to adapt to new challenges so that you can have a stress-free experience. There’s no better way to get a feel for customer service than by calling a moving company with your questions and concerns.

Interstate Goods Transport Specialists In Sydney

Overwhelmed by the complexity of your moving interstate checklist? Contact T&U Removals to speak to seasoned interstate moving professionals who can help you streamline the process and guarantee that your belongings reach your destination safely.

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