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Why it pays to plan carefully for a long distance move

Updated: Feb 27

long distance move

Why Plan Carefully for a Long Distance Move in Sydney

While moving your house or office within the city is a fairly easy process, a long distance move presents a set of unique challenges that must be carefully considered before taking the plunge. Long distance movers like T&U Removals specialise in precisely these kinds of projects because we can pre-empt many of the problems that are likely to arise enroute and take the necessary precautions to ensure that your goods reach the destination safely and in a timely manner. In this blog, we discuss why planning carefully can save you a lot of time and money.

Hiring Long Distance Removalists Vs DIY

Although a DIY move may seem like an attractive cost-saving option, hiring professional long distance movers can be a safer, more convenient and cheaper option overall. Trusted full-service long distance removalists provide you with a detailed estimate that includes packing and handling services, packing materials, fuel and toll costs, with the assurance that all your belongings are in the hands of licensed, certified professionals.

Save Time and Money on Packing

Packing for a long distance move is not an easy task. Packing your goods means estimating how much quality packing material you will need and how goods should be packed to protect them in transit. The cost of bubble wrap, tape and boxes can add up very quickly. An in-house estimate provided by trusted long distance removalists like T&U Removals will outline exactly how much you need to spend on packing materials with minimal wastage.

Invest in Insurance

It is worthwhile to compare various insurance options that will provide coverage for damages that may occur in transit. Although this may seem like an additional expense, speaking to your removalist about insurance can help mitigate the cost of damage and give you peace of mind.

Consider Time of Year

A long distance move can present a significant cost, even at the best of times. Keep in mind that the summer months are particularly busy for moving companies, which means that the prices are likely to be higher. If you schedule your move during the off-season, you may benefit from lower rates, discounts and packages that significantly reduce your moving cost.

Safety Considerations

Although a DIY move may seem like the attractive option, many individuals overlook the safety hazards associated with packing and moving large items. At T&U Removals, our team of removalists is provided with rigorous training to ensure that they remain safe while shifting, moving and lifting large objects that could result in cuts, bruises and back injuries if mishandled.

Professional Long Distance Movers in Sydney

At T&U Removals, we take pride in helping our Sydney customers complete long distance moves in a stress-free and cost-effective way. Whether you are a residential customer moving to a new state or a commercial client relocating an entire business, we have the experience needed to provide you with an efficient, budget friendly service. Contact us today for long distance moves in Australia.

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