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How to plan an office relocation to ensure success

Updated: Feb 27

office relocation

How to Plan an Office Relocation to Ensure Success In Sydney

An office relocation is often a large scale project that needs organisation, logistical considerations and effective communication between employees and management. Without these critical aspects, a commercial relocation can prove costly and cause disruptions that affect productivity. In this blog, T&U Removals provides information on how to move your office in such a way that it results in minimal downtime.

Appoint a Project Manager

Before you move your office, appoint a trusted person within the organisation to follow up on all commercial relocation tasks. A dedicated project manager must be able to organise people, coordinate with a moving company, set budgets and facilitate the shift from one office to another.

Keep Employees Well-Informed

Be sure to keep your employees up-to-date with relocation plans and schedules. Most offices will not be able to relocate all at once, so employees should be provided a moving checklist, a clear schedule of when they should be at the new workplace and regular updates to keep their morale high. Be sure to include new building rules, addresses, new phone numbers and the office floor plan at the new location.

Hire a Full Service Commercial Relocation Company

Office relocation is about so much more than packing and unpacking boxes. It is highly recommended that you hire a full service office relocation expert to move your office since they have experience handling expensive office equipment, sensitive documents and furniture. By hiring a full service office removals company like T&U Removals, you get help developing an office relocation plan that accounts for every requirement in your old and new office.

Plan Your New Office in Advance

An office relocation plan should include a detailed office floor plan that shows the location of work furniture, common spaces, large office equipment and identify potential bottlenecks before your employees begin working there. A labeled floor plan is not only essential for your employees and moving company, it will also help electricians, HVAC experts and wiring teams work quickly and efficiently. The office relocation plan should also include a detailed inventory of furniture and equipment so that nothing is lost in transit, and you can decide where everything needs to go beforehand. The faster you are able to organise and unpack in your new location, the less likely it is that productivity will be affected.

Create A Detailed Budget

During an office relocation, costs can often suddenly add up due to improper budgeting. T&U Removals recommends that customers always consider expenses such as:

  • Moving company costs

  • New office renovation costs to accommodate requirements

  • Old office repairs that must be conducted before vacating the space

  • Overtime salary costs for staff

  • Installation costs for IT systems, office equipment and large furniture

Commercial Office Relocation Experts in Sydney

At T&U Removals, we understand that moving your office can be a daunting and all-consuming process. Contact us today to speak with office moving professionals with years of experience executing smooth commercial office transitions that protect your organisation’s productivity.

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