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Our Top Packing Tips for a Less Stressful Home Move

Updated: Feb 27

Top Home Moving Packing Tips in Sydney

Top Home Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move in Sydney

House moving doesn’t always have to be a stressful process. With the right packing hacks for moving, a little bit of planning and a trusted moving company, the experience can be easy and even enjoyable. To avoid unnecessary stress on moving day, T&U Removals has put together a list of packing tips that protect your belongings and help you stay organised, every step of the way.

Take the Time to Declutter

Before you begin packing items into boxes and loading them into trucks, always take the time to declutter your home. Make life easier by carefully considering what you want to take with you, and what you can afford to let go of. While you may need to dispose of some of your belongings, many useful items can be donated to local charities. With less belongings to pack, you’ll be able to save money on packing materials as well as removal services.

Special Packing for Fragile Items

Most homes have glassware, musical instruments, art and electronics that are fragile. By starting the packing process early, you can identify the items that need special care and pack them in boxes that will protect them. Fragile items should always be packed in quality boxes that are just slightly larger than the item, with plenty of cushioning material to fill empty spaces and specially designed foam inserts. A “Fragile” sticker may not seem important to some people, but the visual reminder is appreciated by house moving professionals who take special care while handling such items.

Don’t Forget the Essentials Bag

Not everything needs to be packed into cardboard boxes! Remember to pack a bag with a change of clothes, keys, toothbrushes, medications, documents and other items you may need at a moment’s notice.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company

No matter how good your packing materials and skills may be, it can all come undone if you hire the wrong moving company. Always choose a reliable house moving company that is known for its experience, positive reviews, excellent customer service and fair pricing.

Label Boxes

A general rule to follow is that items from different rooms should not be in the same box. This allows you to pack with precision, label and colour code boxes to indicate which room they belong to and keep things organised during the dreaded unpacking process.

Use High-Quality Packing Materials

We understand that house moving can be a costly experience. However, the use of subpar packing boxes and tape can cause problems that are not worth the savings they offer. Poor quality packing materials are likely to suddenly fall apart during transit, resulting in damages to personal belongings that cannot be replaced.

Packing Hacks for Moving House in Sydney

Looking for more home moving tips from the pros? Contact T&U Removals today for expert advice on how to organise a house move in Sydney.

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