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How to Protect Office Equipment During a Relocation

Updated: Feb 27

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Protecting Office Equipment During a Relocation in Sydney

The challenges associated with an office move are vastly different to a house move. The items being transported need to be packed quickly, safely and transported with as little impact on productivity as possible. This involves creating an office move check list, assigning responsibilities to the right people and setting up the new office quickly to prevent unnecessary downtime. At T&U Removals, we provide clients with efficient office move services so that they can focus on notifying customers, monitoring their employees and settling into a new workspace with ease. Read on for tips on how to pack up an office, the right way.

Measure Office Equipment

Begin the process by measuring large office equipment and furniture, and identifying whether items need to be dismantled before packing. With exact measurements on hand, you can ensure that all your equipment fits correctly into your new space. The measurements also let you create an accurate floor plan that allows you to decide where everything goes, before you get there. Knowing the dimensions of large equipment will also help your moving company move items safely, with the right amount of packing material.

Fragile Equipment Requires Special Care

Computer monitors, glassware and other delicate items should always be packed in appropriately sized boxes with foam inserts and “Fragile” stickers to prevent damage in transit.

Get Rid of Clutter

Even the most efficient workspace ends up with more clutter than it needs. When you are moving office, you have the opportunity to ruthlessly get rid of unwanted items and documents and even make a little extra money by selling furniture and equipment to other businesses.

Labelling Is Everything

Packing your office like an expert is just one half of the process. As office move experts, we often find that companies find the unpacking process to be the most complicated. This usually happens because boxes aren’t labelled properly. We recommend using colour coded labels for boxes from different departments and clearly written instructions on how to handle items or what is contained inside a box. The faster you can unpack and get back to work, the better it is for employee morale and business operations.

Let Professionals Handle the Equipment

The furniture and equipment in your office are assets that must be protected. Not only do they form the backbone of your operations, they can also cost you more money if they get damaged during the move. Moving office spaces is a complex task that should involve professionals who are licensed and certified to pack and move critical office equipment.

Office move specialists like T&U Removals do more than just transport equipment. We specialise in creating a comprehensive office move check list that accounts for everything in your office. Whether it’s a desk chair or a safe with sensitive documents, our team knows the necessary precautions that need to be taken. We also provide clients with secure shipping services for high-value items.

Experienced Transport Company For Moving Office In Sydney

Looking for expert advice on how to create an office move check list? Contact T&U Removals today for more tips on how to protect office equipment, and to find out how we make your office removal experience stress-free.

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