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Efficient Packing Techniques for Interstate Moves

Packing and Moving Tips in Sydney

Efficient Packing Techniques for Interstate Relocation

Relocating to a new state is significantly different from a local move in a number of ways. On the face of it, both are about loading up personal items and moving them to a new location, but the truth is, an interstate move requires a higher degree of skill and expertise. Due to the longer distances covered, the success of a move is dependent on the quality and efficiency of the packing. When packing for a long-distance move, the priorities are maximising space utilisation, minimising the risk of damage and keeping things organised. In this blog, T&U Removals offers packing and moving tips that are backed by years of industry experience.

Plan in Advance

When packing for relocation, the best way to start is by donating, selling or discarding the things you no longer need. Once the clutter is gone, you are in a better position to assess what you own and to begin packing items you rarely use. Before you purchase new packing materials, use extra suitcases, boxes and bags to make the process easier.

As you get better at estimating how much space your belongings occupy, purchase high-quality boxes, tape and other packing materials you may need. Moving boxes interstate means that your goods will be in a truck for long distances, so there’s always a chance that things could get damaged. Simply put, quality packing materials are the best way to protect goods in transit.

Essential Packing Supplies

One of our most important tips for moving interstate is, always stock up on essential packing supplies such as:

  • Protective wrapping like bubble wrap, foam, butcher’s paper

  • Packing tape with dispenser

  • Bright, clear markers for labelling

  • Fragile stickers

  • Scissors, box cutters and string

  • Furniture covers

Interested in more packing advice for moving? Contact T&U Removals for personalised help with your interstate move.

Organised Packing for Relocation

Need help getting started? With these packing and moving tips, storing your items efficiently is easier than ever:

  • Create a designated area where you can load boxes while avoiding clutter

  • Make labels for each box with the contents clearly mentioned

  • Colour coded labels for each room make unpacking boxes much easier

  • Purchase specially designed boxes for suits, dresses and books

  • Familiarise yourself with the destination state’s regulations for the transport of goods

T&U Removals recommends that customers maintain a detailed inventory while they pack so that missing items can be identified with ease.

Packing Techniques

Moving boxes interstate without any damage is easy with these packing techniques:

  • Use protective padding for furniture

  • Secure large items during transit using straps

  • Wrap fragile items in butcher’s paper and store vertically

  • Stuff shoes with paper to maintain their shape

  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the box, with smaller items on top

When the right packing and loading techniques are used, moving house suddenly becomes convenient and stress-free.

Effective Packing Advice for Moving Interstate

With the packing done, it’s time to get in touch with a moving company with years of experience with interstate relocation. Contact T&U Removals online for a personalised quote.

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